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I’m Sandi Van Lieu, a professor, editor, and writer. Right now, I’m building this platform while in the middle of publishing. Currently, I have a new devotional live on the YouVersion Bible app.

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Young Adults + Our Stories

Being a young adult in your 20s and 30s comes with challenges. Whether in college or the workforce, life’s struggles, pain, and joys appear often. In this plan, six young adults share their stories and how God has worked in their lives regarding family hurt, anxiety, community, self-worth, sex, and loneliness. We welcome you to come along, and then consider sharing your own story with us.

New Devotional

Navigating College for Today’s Young Woman

College can be a tough place. As women, we struggle to discover our adult identity away from our parents while the world tells us who to be. Long-time professor, Dr. Sandi Van Lieu, uses humor and scripture to encourage women during their college journey. Navigate the challenges of friendship, love, mental health, temptation, and adulting by being strengthened in Christ and his word.

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